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Explore more with titanium.

Weight? Allergy? Design?

We combine two materials titanium and wood to design watches that are functional and meet the needs of the human body. Not only in terms of elements but also taking into account the appearance lines and cutting of the watches to launch a more modern design.

Natural materials, modern design. It brings you unexpected impact.


Titanium Sake Cup Tasting Combo

When tasting spirits or sake with our titanium cup, we recommend drinking it with the titanium cup first and then tasting it with a regular glass.

Through this process, you can deeply appreciate the layered tastes brought by the titanium cup that is with a special technique. Our titanium cup sublimes the spirits or sake and gives you a new tasting experience.

Choosing the best titanium cup to pair with your food and drink is also a fun part of the meal.


With good basics, you'll have endless options.

Combining Chinese and Western styles, unique customized design. Each piece exhibits with different texture and color. Match with titanium, to show up the unique one belongs to you.

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