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We all look forward to enjoying the little self-caring time everyday, it could be the moment we spend dining time or dressing up… From our perspectives, we all own with a better experience in these moments.


KRÓLL Titanium. (Krollti) is a diverse concept store dedicated to natural, with the purpose of seeking balance in the element and aesthetic; KRÓLL designs titanium spirit cup, tableware and watch from using pure titanium. The purity of the components eases the burden of our skin, body, and also the environment. The brands we introduced not only have asserted that the use of natural and raw material is guaranteed but also labeled as cruelty-free and multi-functional.

KRÓLL Titanium. aims to simplify our customer’s daily life with the new design.

William Justin Kroll

William Justin Kroll invented the Kroll method that energy production began. Titanium's refining method is named after its name and is known as "the father of titanium industry", which shows the unyielding research spirit of William Justin Kroll and the "model status" in the field of titanium.

KRÓLL Titanium

KRÓLL Titanium is designed to be absolutely friendly with the spirit of being such a model, using pure titanium that is as light, high-resistance and pure as angel feathers.


The design and innovation of KRÓLL Titanium is based on the care of the environment and is based on all the needs of "people". In the humanized design, we create 'very peace of mind' and light fashion products. It gives people more health and convenience, creates unlimited possibilities for human life, and hopes to slow down the earth's energy and resource consumption and optimize the future living environment. Friendly and exemplary, it is the absolute insistence of KRÓLL. 

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